Whole Body Cleanse

Whole Body Cleanse



Please take time to enjoy the video above, I know you’ll learn a great deal about cleansing and detox.

If you’re getting tired of feeling run and lacking energy, perhaps it’s time you tried a whole body cleanse. Now I know what you’re thinking; cleansing sounds so radical and regimented, and you may be a little apprehensive about trying something like this.

There has been and lot of misinformation and controversy around cleansing and detox lately. Famous celebrities have brought cleanse programs into the spotlight recently, but as a result of that there have been many crazy diets and routines that have surfaced.

While a cleanse program can be strict and rigid, you’ll have a better chance at succeeding with your detox efforts if you choose a routine that is all natural and

doesn’t involve any magic pills or potions. And while we’re at it here, let’s dispel a few myths surrounding cleansing and detox in general.


Myth #1 – Cleansing means you can’t spend too much time far away from the bathroom. Most people naturally assume that because your body is undergoing a purging of unwanted toxins and waste, that you’ll spend all your waking hours within sprinting distance of the bathroom. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially if you choose the correct detox program. While you may experience some changes in your bathroom habits, especially at first, by no means will you be glued to the bowl.

Most people’s imagination takes over here and they envision something quite horrible when in fact quite the opposite is true.

Myth #2 – You will experience a definite lack of energy. Wrong again! You will most certainly notice changes, but they will be positive changes. Sure, like anything different, there may be changes that you are wondering about as you begin your detox, but again, if you’ve chosen the right program all of this will be expected and explained to you, and I guarantee it won’t be as bad as you’re imagining.

Again, the hype and misinformation surrounding the act of detoxification is running rampant.

Don’t let it deter you in your quest for a healthier life.

Myth #3 Cleanses are a liquid diet. Again, another piece of misinformation. Any cleanse that prescribes only liquids is sure to have you feeling hungry, lacking energy and quite discouraged. Most detox routines that are effective and safe are actually adding things to your daily intake of food.

The difference will be that it is wholesome and probably organic material that will enhance your health and vitality. Personally I would steer clear of any cleanse program that advises all liquids and no solid foods.

You shouldn’t be hungry while doing a detox program, because it will only increase your chances of falling out of the routine and going back to your old habits. Steer clear of any programs that have you drinking spicy concoctions and starving yourself.

As with all changes in your normal routine, a quick check with your doctor may be in order. Your health care professional will be able to tell you if they foresee any problems.

If you’re thinking of doing a cleanse, make sure you do your research. There are many programs that will actually harm your health instead of improving it. When it was time for my detox, I turned to my personal fitness and nutrition hero, Yuri Elkaim. His experience and reputation in the health industry is second to none, and one of his products, the Total Wellness Cleanse, is perfect for a natural and safe detox.

If you’re thinking of a whole body cleanse, be sure to check out Yuri’s program. It worked for me, and you can check out the many testimonials on his site to see all the other satisfied people as well.

Good Luck, and Good Health Always!

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