Detox Symptoms

Detox Symptoms

Hey folks, before we get started check out what my fitness hero, Yuri Elkaim, creator of The Total Wellness Cleanse, has to say about detox symptoms.  You’ll learn a great from his experience and insight.


Now back to our  regularly scheduled program….

If you’re considering a body cleansing routine and are new to the process, you’ve probably heard all the scary stories about nasty detox symptoms. Maybe you’ve done some preliminary research and after reading through some articles you may have decided to go ahead with your body detox, but are still leery of feeling sick while your body rids itself of years of chemical buildup. Please read below to find out what kind of symptoms you may get when detoxing, and what you can do to help minimize their effect on your physical and mental condition.

First of all, if you’ve decided to try a detox, congratulations. This is a big step on the road to total health and well-being and your body will thank you for it.

You may know from experience that giving up certain foods or drinks can come with a price to pay. For example, if you’re a coffee drinker and you try to go without it for a few days, you’re almost certain to develop headaches and maybe even irritability. A detox program can have you on a strict regimen that may induce all sorts of other symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue, moodiness, skin conditions and even the thought that you might have the flu.

So how can this be good for you?

Wellness Cleanse

What Happens To Your Body During A Detox?

For starters, let’s get one thing clear; your body is always doing some sort of detox. Your liver, kidneys, lungs and even your skin are constantly performing detox functions as you go about your daily routine. The big problem these days is that your body is under assault from more chemicals and toxins than it ever has been, and while the body is an amazing and adaptable system, even it can reach limits of what it can handle. From the pesticides and additives in the foods you eat, to the water you drink and the air you breathe, toxins find a way into your body. And once they are inside, some of them are pretty hard to get rid of.

By design, a whole body detox should be a simple plan to follow. Any regimen that involves drinking spicy concoctions and taking pills designed to flush your system should be avoided. Instead, look for a plan that takes an all natural and realistic approach to the detox process.

During the detox, your body will begin to rid itself of any foreign substances that don’t belong. This can cause a feeling of nausea as you begin to eliminate the unwanted materials. You may aso develop diarrhea and other flu-like symptoms. It’s at this point that a lot of eager detoxers really lose their steam and begin to think about giving up.

Don’t let that be you!

If you’ve chosen a good, sensible cleansing routine, the program should guide you through these rough patches and offer encouragement as you go through your detox.

How Not To Detox

How Long Does Detoxing Take?

I’m sure you’ve seen all the celebrities who swear by this 3 day detox diet, and that 7 day flushing plan. You’ve probably wondered a bit, and maybe even seriously considered, jumping on the bandwagon of one of these fad programs. Celebrities must know what they’re talking about, right?

Generally speaking, the slower the better when you’re trying to cleanse your body and eliminate years of built up toxins. Any program that offers 2 or 3 day results may be too radical for your system to handle. Instead, why not opt for an all natural approach that gentle and safely encourages your body expel unwanted poisons and other nasty stuff?

When choosing a plan, I always look for at least a 30 day routine that I feel won’t be too radical and severe. I think cleansing is very important, but I also don’t believe in shocking my system into performing in a manner it’s not used to.

Believe me, you’ll have the best chance of actually sticking with the program if you take things slow and easy instead of fast and fanatical. I know you’re in a hurry to see results, but trust me on this one.

One such program I can highly recommend has been created by none other than Yuri Elkaim, and world renowned holistic nutritionist and exercise expert. Yuri created the Total Wellness Cleanse to help as many people as possible achieve optimal health in a safe and reliable manner.

Visit Yuri’s website to read about his program and also examine the many testimonials from happy participants. If you’re considering  a whole body detox, Yuri’s program is definitely the way to go.

Wellness Cleanse

Total Wellness Cleanse

Total Wellness CleanseTotal Wellness Cleanse

Hello there. I’m thrilled you made it, because reading this article will positively change the way you think. That could sound like hype to you right now, but I assure you if you read further you won’t regret it. This is critical info, and your quality of life is at issue here.
Right now, the chances are really high that your body is overflowing with all kinds of toxins. Hold on now, mine was also and I need to inform you, it’s not your fault. And please don’t be bummed out, because just about everyone never see it coming or gives it a passing thought. These chemicals and poisons just slowly accumulate over the years until your body approaches its toxic limit and begins protesting on you.

Keep on reading to discover more, but I  gotta tell ya, some of it’s not pretty.

Where Do These Poisons Come From?

Good question. What if I said we’re inviting them to our evening meal table every night? That’s a fact; a good amount of the chemicals hanging out in our bodies right now come from the stuff that we consume every day. In fact, here’s a list of foods that carry toxins, and I assure you you’ll be amazed when you take a gander at it. All the items on that page are supposed to be good for you!


Now I’m hearing what you’re saying. I raise my own food also, and try to eat organic produce whenever I can for the stuff I can’t grow. There is no disputing these easy steps can help, but it turns out that’s only the start. See below to find out more, but first check out the video from Yuri Elkaim.

Yuri Elkaim Cleanse

More sources of toxins that afflict us everyday include medications, everyday items like makeup and deodorants, and altered foods that most of us  haven’t heard of.  Couple that with heavy metals such as mercury, which can be found in some fabric softeners, and arsenic, which can settle in our water sources and in some weed killers, and it’s easy to see we’re creating a recipe for trouble here.

Signs Of Toxicity

Maybe you’ve had excess exhaustion, bloating and horrible gas, or skin ailments that never seem to get better, and just associated these various symptoms to a bad meal or not getting enough sleep at night. Have you ever examined the additives that are in the fast foods we consume every day? Nearly all of these additions, such as MSG and aspartame, have been known to cause conditions like asthma and weird growths in both animals and people. And these are foods and drinks we throw down each and every day.

Yet another symptom of an excessively poisoned body is gaining weight and retaining fat. Sometimes it seems like no matter how much you work at it, you just can’t seem to get anywhere. This is probably your body’s reaction to toxic buildup as it tries to save itself by hiding the poisons in fat cells.

Rapidly advancing aging is yet another sign of excess radical chemicals in your system. While your body’s cells become laden with toxins they are less prone to manufacture antioxidants that can assist in anti-aging.

Addicted To Food

Many of us have our own favorite foods we go back to time and time again, mainly for taste, convenience or even comfort. Did you ever stop to think that these urges for certain foods are because we’re actually hooked on them?

It’s simple to become dependent on foods that incorporate sugar, or breads and crackers, and even the caffeine jolt that gets us awake and aware every morning. And what about those fast food joints that are on every avenue these days? Though all these foods taste great, we admit they’re not really nutritious for us,  and yet we seem helpless to stop these longings.

Is The Predicament Hopeless?

Sometimes it seems we are bound to get stuck in these routines for the duration of our days, dragging ourselves through another day and staying with the same old routines, assuming that this is the way our life is supposed to be.

Well, I’m here to inform you it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s a way to break free from the sequence and absolutely take control of your health situation again. Consuming clean, healthy foods is a a wonderful start, but it won’t do too much to clear our systems of the poisons that have slowly accumulated over the decades. For that, we’ll need a total body cleanse, and the sooner the better.

Hey don’t get all uptight, because I’m going to break it down for you right here. I realize it sounds threatening, but I assure you that detoxing can be a positive and rewarding journey if done correctly.

The total wellness cleanse

Total Wellness Cleanse

A total system cleanse might conjure up some pretty awful scenes, like spending days on the toilet and stockpiling fruit juices and laxatives. That’s not the way it is by a long shot. Yes there are some really radical cleansing routines out there, like drinking spicy concoctions or taking special cleansing pills, but there are also a few well thought out and reasonable programs as well.

The only cleanse that I’m recommending without reservation today is the Total Wellness Cleanse by Yuri Elkaim. Yuri is a registered Holistic Nutritionist, and he’s teamed up with Amy Coates, another Holistic Nutritionist, to make a 30 day cleansing program that takes a reality-based and flexible approach to detoxifying your system.

Mr Elkaim’s system is above and beyond any other. I will not go into very much description here because I cannot do it justice, but you can check out the site right here and read through all the info. You can also check the enormous amount of testimonials he has from thoroughly satisfied customers.

Hey, your well being is at stake here, and is there anything more important than that? I searched all over and got mountains of information, but when I was finally ready to get it done I got the help of real professionals, and that’s what Yuri and his folks are.

If you’re done with feeling run down, you should check out his website right now and look at he has to say. Don’t trust your well being to just any other detoxing plan.

Yuri Elkaim Total Wellness Cleanse

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